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Hubei July Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd is a member of CCOIC(China Chamber of Intern ational Commerce), located in the china major commercial vehicle production base- City Shiyan, with two renowned brands “Dongfeng” and “Cummins”. Hubei July is a reliable supplier, mainly specializing wholesale and retail of the full line original auto parts of china commercial...

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    Heavy duty trucks can be very costly, but without high quality maintenance, and using quality parts, that price can go through the roof. In general, when individuals and companies look to save money, they go for the cheapest option when they are buying these trucks.
    As experts in the heavy truck parts industry for 38 years, we’ve interacted with many truck drivers over the years. And while our main purpose is getting drivers out on the road fast, we have also gathered plenty of tips and advice for maximizing your health and safety during life out on the road. If you are going to take the time to find the perfect used parts for your truck, you should also be taking the time to take care of yourself.
    The spectrum of available replacement truck parts offers everything from cheap used parts to expensive premium parts; it can be difficult to know where to start.
    If you’re looking at buying replacement parts for your vehicle, there’s a good chance you’re already lost in the maze of options on the market. The sea of aftermarket parts is a rough one to navigate, and you need a reasonable amount of knowledge on the different types to make sure you’re getting what you need—especially since there’s not a lot of consistency across dealers in terms of industry standards.
    Truck owners will quickly see that aftermarket parts have a lot of benefits, when they start to investigate them. Aftermarket parts are an extremely good option for the average truck owner who is thinking about having his truck repaired or just to replace older parts on his truck.
    Aftermarket truck parts are truck parts that are made by a producer other than the truck manufacturer. These parts are usually less costly than brand name truck parts from the dealer or straight from the truck maker. There is usually a divide among truck owners between people who like using aftermarket parts and those who just like OEM parts.

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