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About us
        Shiyan built by car , because the car and Xing , she is a "east windmill" home, known as the " Detroit of 
the East " in the Motor City , but also surrounded by a Silk Mountain , Four Seasons attractive mountain 
scenery , tourist city , eco-garden city.
        Shiyan is a tourist destination , is the " Three Gorges - Shennongjia - Gurung - Wudang Mountain - 
Danjiangkou Reservoir - the ancient city of Xi'an, the" golden tourist line a shining pearl , the territory 
included in the World Heritage List and received the title of 4A grade tourism area Mount Wudang Taoist 
shrines , known as Asia 's largest artificial lake in the Danjiangkou Reservoir , there boom
The dynamic foreign Yun County Man Site , dinosaur egg fossils and dinosaur fossils are rare in the world 
of dinosaurs hometown. There are hot springs , waterfalls, Tianchi , canyons , caves, there are forests 
, there is a modern urban car .
          Shiyan this place, winter cold, summer heat without ...... Shiyan as place names exist , there are two 
versions of its origin . Legend has it that the ancients built a ten weir here , so now known Shiyan .
Shiyan is famous for its automobile industry base , is a world famous tourist destination in Shiyan , Shiyan 
is bountiful resource market. Sincerely welcome visitors Quartet tourism .