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How to Install a Diesel Cylinder Head>> readmore
The spectrum of available replacement truck parts offers everything from cheap used parts to expensive premium parts; it can be difficult to know where to start.>> readmore
If you’re looking at buying replacement parts for your vehicle, there’s a good chance you’re already lost in the maze of options on the market. The sea of aftermarket parts is a rough one to navigate, and you need a reasonable amount of knowledge on the different types to make sure you’re getting what you need—especially since there’s not a lot of consistency across dealers in terms of industry standards.>> readmore
Truck owners will quickly see that aftermarket parts have a lot of benefits, when they start to investigate them. Aftermarket parts are an extremely good option for the average truck owner who is thinking about having his truck repaired or just to replace older parts on his truck.>> readmore
Aftermarket truck parts are truck parts that are made by a producer other than the truck manufacturer. These parts are usually less costly than brand name truck parts from the dealer or straight from the truck maker. There is usually a divide among truck owners between people who like using aftermarket parts and those who just like OEM parts.>> readmore
With dropping diesel fuel prices, the conversation about compressed natural gas (CNG) has gotten quieter in the industry. But there are still a lot of benefits to CNG trucks that may make sense for your business. Here’s a quick overview on some of the advantages and disadvantages of CNG and diesel fuel trucks.>> readmore
Earlier this year at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 19 in Las Vegas, global automotive component manufacturer Denso unveiled their new PowerEdge brand of starters, alternators, diesel particulate filters, and diesel oxidation catalyst. Denso describes PowerEdge products as a new line of competitively priced aftermarket products with increased durability, backed by the best-in-class sales, service and logistical support of Denso Products and Services Americas, Inc.>> readmore
There are millions of parts that make up heavy duty commercial trucks. Each individual part has its own primary function and in some way is critical to the overall operation of the vehicle itself. Obviously there are some components that are less critical than others, but they all have a job!>> readmore
Working out of a truck can create roadblocks to healthy living. Typically, drivers don’t have set schedules, rely on truck stops for nourishment, and sit for long stretches of time. Over time, this could lead to various health problems, including weight gain, back pain, and lethargy. Here are five tips to help drivers maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road.>> readmore
Are you looking for Foton trucks? The Foton Aumark range includes medium duty trucks which are designed to meet the needs of your operations. These vehicles are suitable for applications in the city or over longer distances.>> readmore
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